Industrial Statistics – Guidelines and Methodology

Industrial Statistics – Guidelines and Methodology

This publication is intended to serve as a handbook for statisticians involved in the regular industrial statistics programmes of NSOs or line ministries. It describes the statistical methods related to the major stages of industrial statistics operation. These include:

  • Maintenance and updating of the Business Register, which provides the frame for an Industrial Survey.
  • Data items for the survey of large and small establishments.
  • Methods of data processing.
  • Data analysis based on a set of statistical indicators of industrial performance.

These guidelines also include a chapter on practical guidelines for sample design for Industrial Surveys. A separate chapter is dedicated to the short-term indicators of industrial statistics and this also covers the construction of indices of industrial production from the monthly survey data. It also includes a description of the Prima software for integrating production and producer price indices.

Concepts and methods described in the publication are based on the recent UN recommendations and standards, as well as the best national practices related to industrial statistics. The model questionnaires presented in the publication meet the data requirement not only for compilation of principle indicators of official industrial statistics in the overall framework of macroeconomic accounting but also key variables of business trend statistics. However, this does not imply that each Industrial Survey should include all data items presented in this publication. Statisticians of NSOs make their own selection of data items and survey methods depending upon the data requirement of the country at a particular time. The authors of this publication are aiming to provide the reference materials for the key aspects of a national industrial statistical system.

Main contributors
Willem van den Andel (Netherlands), Alex Korns (United States), David Megill (United States), Huzaifa Zoomkawala (Pakistan) and Shyam Upadhyaya and Valentin Todorov from UNIDO.

Date: 2010

Language(s): English

Pages: 247 pages