TEST Projects in Latin America

UNIDO has conducted two TEST projects in Latin America:

Strengthening water and sanitation in Mexico

The introduction of the cleaner production methodology has been designed to provide industries with an integrated model for improving their environmental and economical performance by introducing effective management techniques and cleaner technologies that would reduce impacts on water, energy and material resources. Project implementation has been conducted in the States of Chiapas, Veracruz and Tabasco, where major socioeconomic stagnation and increasing hydro meteorological risk is observed.

The general objective of this initiative is to enhance and strengthen water and sanitation in the following areas:

i) poverty reduction;
ii) gender equity;
iii) environmental sustainability; and,
iv) infant mortality

Joint project for water and sanitation in Honduras

The overall objective of this initiative is to promote the adoption of best practices for industrial water management and pollution reduction. Two industrial sectors (textile and food production) have been selected as target for the demonstration activities. The focus of the project will be on integrated water management; however pollution related aspects are also addressed.

For more information on the TEST project in Honduras please see the following publications:

1. Honduras TEST Brochure, Spanish
2. Honduras TEST project results, English, Spanish
3. Water and the Green Economy, Ch. 4: Transfer of environmentally sound technology methodology in Latin American Industry: Honduras case study.
This is a publication from UN WATER, for the complete book please visit this link.