Regional CSR projects

Spreading the core values of CSR across local business communities and reaching a critical mass requires possibilities to learn from best practice examples and experiences of companies or institutions with similar cultural, social and economic contexts.

At the same time, there is a need to develop an approach to CSR that addresses the particular common problems a Region is facing. This can only be achieved on a basis of cooperation and coordination among participating countries, which can be done most efficiently through regional networking and joint efforts.

CSR Demonstration Project in Asia

In India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Thailand UNIDO launched a Triple Bottom Line (TBL) demonstration project in 2001, developing a methodology to implement CSR in small and medium enterprises.

Promoting CSR in Central and Eastern Europe

UNIDO has carried out several activities in the Region, aiming at disseminating the concept of CSR and implementation practices (focusing on SMEs), and forging a regional network of public and private partner institutions that will promote the adoption of responsible business practices in this sector.

Establishment of a Regional CSR Network in CEE/SEE

Based on a UNIDO technical assistance project on CSR in Croatia and a series of follow-up activities in the region, UNIDO is currently planning the establishment of a regional network for promoting the uptake of socially and environmentally responsible business practices in Central, South and Eastern Europe.