Former Member State

Former Member States

This page lists former Member States of UNIDO including their date of membership and date of withdrawal from the Organization.

Pursuant to article 6 of the Constitution of UNIDO, withdrawal from the Organization shall take effect on the last day of the fiscal year following that during which the instrument of denunciation was deposited. The dates here are the dates on which the respective withdrawals became effective for the denunciating States.

Member State Date of
Date of
Australia 21-Jun-1985 31-Dec-1997
Canada 21-Jun-1985 31-Dec-1993
Lithuania 17-Oct-1991 31-Dec-2012
New Zealand 19-Jul-1985 31-Dec-2013
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 21-Jun-1985 31-Dec-2012
United States of America 21-Jun-1985 31-Dec-1996