How we work

Productive activities play a central role in poverty reduction as the primary driver of economic growth, employment and wealth creation. UNIDO, as the specialized agency of the United Nations system mandated to promote inclusive and sustainable industrial development, is well-placed to make a significant contribution to this process.

The activities UNIDO undertakes in its three focus areas (see what we do) are designed to have a catalytic and transformative effect on the economic structures of countries, promoting economic growth and diversification in a socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable manner.

UNIDO delivers value through four complementary and mutually supportive core functions:

  • Through a broad range of technical cooperation activities, UNIDO designs and implements projects that build the capacity of Member States to initiate and carry out their own programmes in the field of industrial development.
  • Through its analytical and policy advisory services, UNIDO conducts applied economic research and provides Member States with tools to shape appropriate industrial strategies and policies that improve the contribution of industry to the achievement of development goals.
  • Through standard-setting and compliance, UNIDO assists Member States and their industries in complying with a number of existing and emerging international standards, while also contributing to the development of new global standards related to its mandate.
  • UNIDO’s convening and partnership role brings Member States, the private and public sector institutions, civil society, academia and other partners together to establish dialogue, form partnerships and forge plans of action for inclusive and sustainable industrial development.