UNIDO Business Partnerships in Action

UNIDO’s business partners represent a broad spectrum of industry sectors. Here you can find a selection of our recent partnerships which are pooling resources and expertise to create new jobs, new trade opportunities and new sustainable markets.

3ADI: Agribusiness Development for Food Security and Poverty Reduction

Launched in 2010, in partnership with the African Development Bank (AfDB), the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the 3ADI aims at strengthening the value addition to food and non-food commodities along the entire supply chain. Download the factsheet to learn more about how 3ADI mobilizes private sector resources to transform traditional agriculture into flourishing agribusinesses.

UNIDO and AEON Group: Increasing safe and sustainable sourcing and strengthening business linkages

UNIDO is working in partnership with AEON, Japan’s largest retail group, to implement a Sustainable Supplier Development Programme in Malaysia. The programme aims to upgrade clusters of suppliers, focusing on food safety, quality, productivity, corporate social responsibility and sustainability. Download the factsheet to learn more about how the partnership is helping local suppliers to establish sustainable business linkages with potential buyers and to gain access to national and, at a later stage, international markets.

UNIDO and Carlsberg Group: Promoting resource efficient cleaner production along the entire brewery value chain

In October 2012, UNIDO entered into a partnership with the Carlsberg Group, the world’s fourth largest brewer, and its subsidiary Baltika Breweries. With the support of the Global Environment Facility, the partnership aims to reduce natural resource consumption, pollution and green house gas emissions, while also improving the agro-ecosystem and water systems in the Russian Federation. Download the factsheet, which takes a closer look at how the partnership is catalyzing the market transformation of breweries from a natural resource consuming industry to a pro-active steward for resource efficient cleaner production.

Chemical Leasing: Redefining the Sustainable Management of Chemicals

Chemical Leasing is service-orientated business model that adopts a multi-stakeholder approach to promote the sound and efficient management of chemicals throughout their life-cycle. UNIDO, with the direct support of the governments of Austria and Germany, has been pioneering Chemical Leasing in developing countries and transition economies since 2004. Download the factsheet, which takes a closer look at how Chemical Leasing brings about a win-win situation for the chemical supplier and the chemical user, as well as the environment.

UNIDO and Chevron: Supporting the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs in Angola

In 2010, Chevron contributed funding of $1,000,000 to a partnership initiative to introduce entrepreneurship as a subject in secondary schools in Angola. Supporting the Government of Angola’s education reform endeavors, the Entrepreneurship Curriculum Programme aims to develop entrepreneurship skills among young people. Download the factsheet, which explores how the programme is building the foundation of a sustainable and dynamic private sector.

The Green Industry Platform: An Action-based Initiative for a Greener Industrial Footprint

The Green Industry Platform is a global multi-stakeholder partnership aimed at transforming manufacturing activities with a view towards increasing resource efficiency, and at the same time reducing waste and pollution. Download the factsheet to learn more about the platform and how it is bringing together business, governments and civil society to secure concrete commitments and mobilize action in support of a greener industrial model.

UNIDO and HP: Joining Hands to Provide Business and IT Training for Job Creation

Since 2010, UNIDO has been partnering with Hewlett Packard (HP) to extend the reach and impact of HP’s flagship entrepreneurship education programme ‘HP Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs (HP LIFE)’. Download the factsheet to learn more about how the partners are engaging in shared activities to promote HP LIFE across Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.

UNIDO and Komatsu: Partnering to promote youth employment in the mining, construction, and agriculture sectors in Liberia

In collaboration with Komatsu, a Japanese corporation that manufactures construction, mining and industrial equipment, UNIDO has launched a new initiative to establish Liberia’s first heavy equipment operator school funded by Japan, to improve the industrial training capacity of the country and provide marketable skills to vulnerable citizens. Download the factsheet to learn more about how the partners are promoting youth employment in the mining, construction, and agriculture sectors in Liberia.

UNIDO and METRO Group: Improving Livelihoods and Sustainable Food Supplies through Inclusive Value Chains

UNIDO and the METRO Group, one of the world’s largest retailers, have joined efforts in a strategic alliance for safe and sustainable food supplies. Download the factsheet, which outlines how the partners are upgrading local suppliers in terms of safety, quality and sustainability, to internationally recognized standards through the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Global Markets Protocol.

UNIDO and Microsoft: Real Impact for better Economic Opportunity – Enabling Innovation and Jobs through ICT

UNIDO and Microsoft have been engaging in a strategic partnership since 2006. The ongoing cooperation focuses on fostering local innovation and promoting the growth of small businesses in Africa through the innovative use of Information and Communication (ICT) tools. Download the factsheet which takes a closer look at the various successful projects that have already arisen from the partnership and how they are making a real impact on improving employability and entrepreneurship.

UNIDO and Samsung: Transforming e-waste into Job and Business Opportunities

UNIDO recently launched a programme together with the Republic of Korea through Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and Samsung Electronics to ensure that Cambodia’s electronic industry is effective in promoting economic and environmental sustainability. Download the factsheet, which explores how the partners are leveraging complementary resources to create employment and business opportunities in the electronic industry, and to improve e-waste management skills, knowledge and practices especially among young people.

UNIDO and Scania: Partnering for Employment and Economic Revival of Iraq’s Manufacturing Sector

UNIDO and Scania, a global leader in the manufacturing of trucks, buses and engines, have been strategic partners since 2011. Together with the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) and the Kurdistan Regional Government Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA-KRG) the partners have established the Swedish Academy for Training, which was officially opened in April 2012. Download the factsheet to learn more about how the partners are expanding access to demand-driven skills and employment opportunities to Iraqis whilst simultaneously supporting Iraq’s wider economic development.

UNIDO and Volvo Group: Partnering to enhance skills development and youth employment in Ethiopia

In collaboration with Volvo, a global company manufacturing heavy duty construction and transport trucks, and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) UNIDO has started a new initiative to establish a training academy for technicians of heavy duty machinery and commercial vehicles. Download the factsheet to learn more about how the partners are improving access of poor and young Ethiopians to gainful employment opportunities in advanced commercial vehicle maintenance.