ITPO Russian Federation

ITPO Russian Federation

General information

ITPO Russian Federation was established in 1989. Its mandate is to promote international cooperation in the economic, technological, industrial and scientific spheres between Russian enterprises, associations and organizations
and firms from developed and developing countries.


  • Access to investment information, government and private business institutions and contacts in other countries through the UNIDO worldwide network
  • Direct communication with and access to entrepreneurs worldwide
  • Participation at UNIDO-sponsored and/or organized investment and technology promotion events
  • Upgrading skills of local staff of investment-related institutions by using UNIDO investment promotion methodologies and tools, e.g. project identification, screening, evaluation and promotion, building of strategic business alliances, etc.

Main partners

  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, Russian Federation
  • Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, Republic of Tatarstan
  • Global Environment Facility
  • Russian Energy Agency
  • European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
  • Moscow Region


ITPO Russian Federation
UNIDO Centre for International Industrial Co-operation
Ulitsa Kuusinena 21B
125252 Moscow

Telephone: (+7499) 9430021, 1989768
Fax: (+7499) 9430018
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