Technical cooperation

The purpose of UNIDO’s technical cooperation function is to build the capacity of Member States to initiate and carry out their own programmes in the field of industrial development.

Tailored assistance is provided to developing countries, with special attention being paid to least developed countries.

Technical cooperation activities represent a significant element in achieving UNIDO’s mission to help reduce poverty through sustainable and inclusive industrial development, giving every country the opportunity to grow a flourishing productive sector, increase their participation in international trade and safeguard their environment.

The Organization’s technical cooperation activities are informed by its own detailed research and analysis and are tailor-made to meet the needs and requirements of developing countries across UNIDO’s three thematic priorities of poverty reduction through productive activitiestrade capacity-building, and environment and energy.

In carrying out the core requirements of its mandate and mission, UNIDO has more than doubled its delivery of technical cooperation activities over the past ten years. Together with the substantial increase of voluntary contributions to the financial resources of the Organization, this trend testifies the growing international recognition of UNIDO as an effective provider of inclusive and sustainable industrial development services.

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