IP and CSF Evaluations

Reports – Integrated Programme and Country Service Framework Evaluations

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REPUBLIQUE DU CONGO:  Programme Integre de Relance Industriele (PIRI) PDF (1.0MB)
IP Sudan. Industrial agenda for poverty relief and transition to sustainable development (September 2010) PDF
CAMEROUN: Programme Intégré d´Appui au Développement Industriel. January 2010 PDF
IP SYRIAN ARAB REPUBLIC – Made in Syria (November 2009) PDF
(673 KB)
IP Ethiopia, phase II (September 2009) PDF
(900 KB)
Meta evaluation of UNIDO Integrated Programmes evaluated in the period 2007/2008/2009. May 2010 PDF (160KB)
CSF Indonesia (May 2009) PDF
(600 KB)
IP Burkina Faso, phase II (May  2009) PDF
IP Uganda, phase II (May  2009) PDF
IP Senegal (April 2009) PDF
IP Sierra Leone (October 2008) PDF (279KB)
IP Ghana (April 2008) PDF
IP Saudi Arabia (March 2008) PDF
IP Mali (Review report. November 2007) PDF
IP Iran (Review report. October 2007) PDF
CSF India (May 2007) PDF
(638 KB)
IP Kenya (October 2006) PDF
(410 KB)
CSF Egypt (October 2006) PDF
(669 KB)
IP Algeria (August 2006) PDF
(455 KB)
IP Ecuador (June 2006) PDF
(480 KB)
IP Eritrea (December 2005) PDF
(689 KB)
IP Tunisia (December 2005) PDF
(720 KB)
IP Jordan (December 2005) PDF
(560 KB)
IP Palestine (December 2005) PDF
(581 KB)
IP Colombia (November 2005) PDF
(692 KB)
IP Vietnam (May 2005) fileadmin/user_media/About_UNIDO/Evaluation/IP-CSF_reports/37891_IPVietnamEvaluationReport.pdfPDF
(1,089 KB)
CSF China (February 2005) PDF
(1,500 KB)
IP Lebanon (February 2005) PDF
(5,866 KB)
IP Morocco (November 2004) PDF
(11,865 KB)
IP Madagascar (September 2004) PDF
(1,382 KB)
IP Cuba (July 2004) PDF
(2,263 KB)
IP Senegal (March 2004) PDF
(4461 KB)
IP Uganda (February 2004) PDF
(924 KB)
UGANDA: UNIDO Uganda Integrated Programme. Review phase I and assessment phase II. November 2003 (external evaluation by Norad) PDF (358KB)
IP Burkina Faso (September 2003) PDF
(1,600 KB)
IP Ethiopia (July 2003) PDF
(590 KB)
IP Tanzania (June 2003) PDF
(353 KB)
IP Guatemala (January 2003) PDF
(448 KB)
IP Sri Lanka (January 2003) PDF
(652 KB)
IP Mozambique (October 2002) PDF
(734 KB)