POPs labelling guidance

Guidance on labelling of products or articles that contain new POPs or use new POPs during manufacture

Scope: The identification of products and articles that contain new POPs is a prerequisite for their environmentally sound management in accordance with the provisions of the Convention. The labelling of such products and articles represents an option for ensuring that information on their POPs content is clearly indicated and disseminated along the supply chain to stakeholders who can then implement appropriate management measures. Such labelling should take into account that stakeholders may be located in different countries due to the globalized nature of the supply chains of products and articles. The objective of this guidance document is to assist Parties in developing labelling schemes for products and articles that contain new POPs by enhancing understanding of the essential elements of such schemes and their value in facilitating the management of new POPs. The document includes guidance on adapting existing international labelling schemes for use specifically for the labelling of products containing new POPs.

Main target audience: Policy makers responsible for developing regulations for the management of POPs, and authorities involved in the collection of information on new POPs.