What we do

Poverty reduction through productive activities
UNIDO seeks to enable the poor to earn a living through productive activities, thus to find a path out of poverty. The Organization provides a comprehensive range of services customized for developing countries and transition economies, ranging from industrial policy advice to entrepreneurship and SME development, and from technology diffusion to sustainable production and the provision of rural energy for productive uses. Through this thematic priority, UNIDO mainly addresses MDG1, MDG3 and MDG8.

Trade capacity-building
Developing countries are benefiting from increasingly participating in the global trading system. Thus, strengthening their capacity to participate in global trade is critical for their future economic growth. Especially after their accession to the WTO, their technical ability to enter into global production and value chains is key for their successful participation in international trade.

UNIDO is one of the largest providers of trade-related development services, offering customer-focused advice and integrated technical assistance in the areas of competitiveness, trade policies, industrial modernization and upgrading, compliance with trade standards, testing methods and metrology.
Through this thematic priority, UNIDO mainly addresses MDG1MDG3 and MDG8.

Environment and energy
Energy is a prerequisite for poverty reduction. Still, fundamental changes in the way societies produce and consume are indispensable for achieving global sustainable development. UNIDO therefore promotes sustainable patterns of industrial consumption and production.

As a leading provider of services for improved industrial energy efficiency and sustainability, UNIDO assists developing countries and transition economies in implementing multilateral environmental agreements and in simultaneously reaching their economic and environmental goals. Through this thematic priority, UNIDO mainly addresses MDG1, MDG7 and MDG8.

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In addition, UNIDO’s activities are divided by:

  • Geography – Focusing on least developed countries and Africa
  • Sectors – Focusing on agro-based industries
  • Target areas – Focusing on small and medium enterprises (SMEs)