Food Industry

Confronting food insecurity and the threat of famine is a daunting challenge. Postharvest losses and the lack of basic processing technologies plague the food industry in developing countries. Waste levels are painfully high largely due to rampant inefficiencies.

In addition, inadequate preservation practices cause a prevalence of contaminated food and food-borne diseases, especially in rural areas. UNIDO focuses on waste reduction through technology improvements, process optimization and the utilization of by-products. Its pilot food-processing centres are a time-tested means of spreading the know-how of adding value to local food resources. Factory rehabilitation projects and campaigns to improve product quality help food companies increase their income and generate new employment opportunities. To promote food safety, UNIDO assists in implementing good hygiene practices and introducing food-safety systems based on risk analysis and prevention and traceability. Moreover, compliance with the sanitary and phyto-sanitary agreements is key to help food companies in developing countries expand their access to world markets.