Gender-related projects

Burkina Faso – Empowering Women Beer Brewers

In a recent partnership with the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development and with funding from the Global Environment Fund (GEF), UNIDO is promoting women’s empowerment and clean technologies through a programme that distributes fuel efficient cook stoves in Burkina Faso’s beer brewing sector.

Iraq – Mechanic and heavy industries sector

Promoting women’s involvement in education and employment opportunities plays a vital role in Iraq’s post-crisis rehabilitation and future economic growth and social development.

Malawi – Helping HIV and AIDs effected households

UNIDO, in collaboration with the Malawian Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, developed the Salima Agricultural Technology (SATECH) project to secure the socio-economic foundation necessary for livelihood recovery in 17 poor rural communities in the Salima District.

Mali – Women’s gold

In a collaborative effort with the Ministry of Women, the Ministry of Industry and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and with funding from UNIDO and the Government of Luxembourg, UNIDO initiated an entrepreneurship programme to improve the income opportunities of women in the shea sector whilst enhancing the competitiveness of small-scale shea butter producing groups managed by women. Focus is on the Dioila, Ségou and Sikasso regions.

Morocco – Women Entrepreneurs

UNIDO, in collaboration with the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), devised an entrepreneurship programme to improve the income opportunities of the rural population whilst enhancing the competitiveness of small-scale olive oil producing, textile and fruits and vegetable drying groups managed by women.

Mozambique – Empowering Women and Girls through entrepreneurship education

In 2007, with the support of UNIDO and funding from the Government of Norway, the Ministry of Education and Culture introduced the Entrepreneurship Curriculum Programme (ECP) in secondary and vocational schools throughout the country.

Pakistan – Empowering Women and Girls through creative industries

Expanding employment and creating livelihood opportunities for women has been achieved by the establishment of the Business Growth Center which aims to work towards enhancing ability, mobility, visibility and connectivity of women entrepreneurs.

Peru – Focus on Women in creative industries

With funding provided by the Government of Spain’s MDG Achievement Fund, UNIDO, together with five other UN agency partners, is working to redress prevailing inequalities through the development and coordination of large-scale economic empowerment projects in the creative industries sector.