UNIDO adopts a comprehensive approach to promoting and supporting continuous improvement of industrial energy efficiency in developing countries and emerging economies.

The Organization currently offers the following assistance:

Policy support

  • Expert advice to policymakers in developing and formulating policies and programmes aimed at supporting energy efficiency and increased energy productivity in industry.
  • Technical assistance to develop policy and regulatory frameworks promoting and supporting adoption of energy management standards by industry.
  • Facilitation of collaboration agreements between public authorities and industrial sectors in the field of energy efficient technologies and best energy management practices.

Capacity-building and technology transfer

  • Institutional capacity-building on development, implementation and monitoring of industrial energy efficiency policies and programmes, including energy management standards.
  • Tailor-made intensive training programmes on industrial energy systems optimization (motor, pump, steam, compressed air systems, etc.).
  • Intensive training programmes on the use and implementation of energy management standards.
  • Project-specific technical assistance to industrial enterprises for demonstration and transfer of state-of-the-art energy systems and energy management technologies.

Global Forum

  • Organization of and participation in international and regional events targeted at decision makers (government and industry) and institutions to raise awareness and disseminate information about industrial energy efficiency and energy management standards.
  • Organization of experts group meetings that discuss best practices as well as contribute inputs to the ongoing international debate on and developments related to industrial energy efficiency technologies.