Selected projects

Since 1998, UNIDO has actively supported the Climate Convention and Kyoto Protocolnegotiation process. The work in this area aims at identifying capacity building needs in Member States and assessing climate-friendly technology. UNIDO prepares and implements projects that support the development of new and efficient technologies for the reduction of climate-damaging greenhouse gases. In addition, the Organization helps computing reductions in industrial emissions.
This work was well received by the Parties to the Climate Convention, by Member States, particularly in Africa, and by the Convention Secretariat.

UNIDO’s activities were designed and carried out within the Organization’s energy programmes, focusing particularly on industrial energy efficiency and renewable energy. Work in this field includes surveys, software development and analytical studies.

Industrial Energy Efficiency and Systems Optimization

Energy savings from system improvement: China Motor System Energy Conservation Program

International Energy Management Standard for Industry

Global support to the development of an International Energy Management Standard for Industry

Carbon Capture and Storage – Industrial Sector Roadmap

There remain significant knowledge gaps in moving towards commercial implementation of CCS. This project seeks to address these obstacles by developing a roadmap for CCS in various industry sectors.

Kyoto Protocol and Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM)

UNIDO now focuses on the development of capacity building and technology transfer projects that relate to the implementation of the Kyoto Protocol and the Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM).