Policy  Workshop

When: 7 –  8 of April 2011
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The development of any Roadmap is an iterative process. The starting points, data, recommendations, actions and milestones were reviewed by a broad group of stakeholders, and the balance of the reviews is incorporated into the final product. Part of the iterative process is a series of meetings. This final workshop in the CCS in industry roadmap process aims to review the main policy and business recommendations, as well as actions and milestones. In addition, it provides a forum to discuss CCS in industry related issues in Brazil and Latin America.

Roadmap Review Workshop

When: 24 September 2010
Amsterdam, Netherlands

The objective of the meeting is to undertake a comprehensive discussion of the draft Roadmap, with emphasis placed on assessing the policy recommendations and the suggested actions and milestones. It will also serve as a platform to discuss concrete steps to deploy industrial CCS. This meeting, coinciding with the GHGT-10, represents an opportunity to obtain feedback from a broad audience, involving industry stakeholders, but also policy-makers and representatives from financial institutions.

Sectoral workshops

When: 30 June – 1 July 2010
Where: Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

The Roadmap focuses on 5 sectors, namely high-purity CO2 sources; iron & steel; cement; refineries; and biomass-based CO2 sources. A sectoral assessment is being prepared for each sector as a means to gather detailed information. Those assessments serve as an input to the sectoral workshops.

The workshops provided an opportunity for various stakeholders to discuss their views and expectations of CCS in the sectors. The insights drawn from the workshops inform the sectoral assessments that will underpin overall Roadmap.

The meeting consisted of prominent experts with specific experience and knowledge from the private sector and private sector associations, academia and consulting firms, and government representatives.