China pilot programme

China Motor System Energy Conservation Program

People’s Republic of China

The developmental objective of the project was to assist the Chinese Government in controlling the growth of greenhouse gas emissions by establishing a national program to promote motor system improvements in factories throughout the country.

The project aimed to demonstrate a methodology for establishing and training a network of motors system optimization experts and identify suitable business models for the scaling-up phase of the program at the national level.

Project achievements

The China Motor Systems Energy Conservation Program has been successful in providing a strong foundation for building a national motor systems program in China. The program demonstrated an effective strategy of technology transfer in which Chinese motor system experts and factory enterprise personnel are trained by international experts and enabled to provide training and assessment services to factory enterprises in China. The UNIDO program trained 22 engineers in system optimization techniques in Jiangsu and Shanghai provinces. Within two years after completing training, these experts conducted 38 industrial plant assessments and identified nearly 40 million kWh in energy savings.