Summary of proceedings & Proceedings

ENB report (on-linePDF version)

Final list of participants

The Seminar will, inter alia, provide insight into:

  • Best practices for the deployment of energy efficient technology (e.g. in power/heat generation and supply, base materials industry [steel, chemicals, cement], building/households, transport);
  • How other policies such as energy security, market reform, social and rural development may create positive or negative incentives for energy efficiency improvement & what considerations need to be taken in these policy areas to promote energy efficiency;
  • Major barriers to the diffusion of energy efficient technologies in CEE/CIS, and suggestions on how to overcome these barriers (e.g. institutional, capacity building & financial issues); and
  • Linkages between climate change and energy efficiency. For example how the Convention & Kyoto Protocol (monitoring & verification procedures/plans for CDM/JI) can assist in promoting energy efficiency objectives and what the international experience is so far.

Participants include representatives from a mixture of public (negotiators and JI/Green investment) & private sector (industry and financial sectors) as well as from international organizations (e.g. UNFCCC, IEA, UNIDO, World Bank, EBRD and UNDP)– LATEST: (list of participants)

Further information on the meeting, including the detailed agenda, papers & presentations, will be accessible from this page as it becomes available.

Agenda information
  • Speakers/presentations: Background papers and presentations covering the above issues are invited from energy efficiency practitioners within CEE/CIS countries as well as from industry representatives that have been involved in technology-based projects and donor agencies that have provided related technical assistance to CEE/CIS countries.
  • Case studies: The Seminar will include four technical break-out sessions on: power/heat/gas generation and supply; industry (steel, cement, machinery, etc.); building/household and transportation; & financing and emission trading. The organizers invite experts/institutions active in these areas within the CEE/CIS region to provide their experience as background to the topics as well as to act as session animators
  • LATEST Agenda outline: (draft agenda) — please note the times now available & that breakout groups A & C have been combined
    SESSION I: Context of the Seminar
    SESSION II: Experiences & views (outside looking in)
    SESSION III: Experiences & views (from inside the region)
    SESSION IV: Break out groups + case studies–Lessons learned from existing projects in the region
    Group A: Power/heat/gas generation and supply + Group C: Building/household and transportation (now one session!)
    Group B: Industry (steel, cement, machinery, etc.)
    Group D: Financing and emission trading
Administrative information
  • Registration: (please send your full name, title, department, organization, full address, telephone & fax numbers, e-mail + Web page [if available]). Please note that registration and issuance of badges for access to the venue will be issued only for those participants whose names have been previously communicated to the organizers;
  • Venue: The Seminar will be held in Conference Room I (2nd floor, C Building) at the Vienna International Centre (VIC), Wagramerstrasse 5, 1400 Vienna, Austria. The VIC can be reached by Underground (U1 – red line), Vienna International Centre station. Visitors should walk to Gate 1 and obtain a meeting badge there before entering the premises.
  • Vienna information(in English)
  • Hotels — please make use of the Vienna tourist Web site for making your hotel reservations as it is not possible for the organizers to make block reservations for the time of the Seminar due to a large congress taking place at the same time. Alternatively, you can contact Wien Hotels Central Reservation (Phone: +43 1 24 555, Fax: +43 1 24 555 666, E-Mail: wienhotels@wien.info). We have only managed to reserve 10 rooms at the Hotel Wandl, Petersplatz 9, in the central district of Vienna (Phone: +43 1 534 550, Fax +43 1 534 5577, E-mail reservation@hotel-wandl.com), price Euro 112/night with breakfast. Please make your fixed bookings ASAP.

Correspondence and inquiries

  • Ms. Maria Teresa Cuevas Diaz, Climate Change Unit, Multilateral Environmental Agreements Branch, UNIDO, Tel: +43 1 26026 5218; Fax: +43 1 21346 5218

 Last year’s Seminar proceedings and reports are available from www.unido.org/doc/12983.