Cleaner and sustainable production

UNIDO helps with the adaptation and adoption of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production (RECP) methods, technologies and systems by enterprises and other organizations in developing and transition countries.

These contribute to:

  • Efficient use of natural resources, including materials, water and energy
  • Minimization of wastes and emissions, including those discharged to water, air or on land
  • Reduction of risks to humans and environment from use of chemicals and disposal of chemicals used in industry.

UNIDO cooperates with the members of the global network for RECP (RECPnet) and their governments and industry partners to deliver value adding services to enterprises, government agencies and other organizations. Their key services include: information dissemination and awareness creation; professional training; in plant assessments and demonstrations; policy advice; and support for the transfer of Environmentally Sound Technologies.

RECPnet is comprised of National Cleaner Production Centres and Programmes (NCPCs/NCPPs) and other providers of RECP services.

The activities and achievements of the NCPCs were comprehensively evaluated by an independent team in 2007. This laid the foundation for a new programme strategy. A recent summary of the Programme and its achievements is available here.The Unit partners with theUnited Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in implementing the joint UNIDO -UNEP-RECP programme.  Moreover collaboration has been established with other multilateral agencies (including ESCAP, ILO, UNCTAD, ITC etc.) and international financial institutions (including IFC).

UNIDO is also responsible for several thematic initiatives that support cleaner and sustainable production. These include: