Global Chemical Leasing Award

UNIDO develops an international award in support of efficient management of chemicals

UNIDO and the Austrian Federal Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management have joined together and developed an international award in the area of chemical leasing (ChL). Chemical leasing encompasses efficient chemical management and ways to reduce negative releases to the environment.

The Global Chemical Leasing Award was launched on 13th May, 2009 at the International Conference on Chemicals Management (ICCM2) in Geneva, and it was announced at the conference event “Green industry innovative approaches to sound chemicals management.” The event was jointly organized by the Government of Austria, the Government of Germany and UNIDO.

In order to be nominated for The ChL Award there are certain criteria. It recognizes successful ChL implementation at enterprise level, publication and promotion activities, through four categories: (1) cases studies (companies), (2) consulting services, (3) scientific publications, and (4) public relation (reports, media, brochure, homepage).

The Award aspires to contribute to the greening of industries, to support the sound management of chemicals and to inspire companies around the world to engage in Chemical Leasing practices. The award winners will become beacons to the international community representing excellence in chemicals management.

The Award recognizes activities on a global scale. Organizations, companies and individuals worldwide are encouraged to apply. The first award ceremony will take place in 2010.

For each category an entry form is provided which is available for download