Chemical Leasing

Traditionally, suppliers sell large quantity of chemicals to the end users. It is therefore in their best interest to sell as much as possible.

With the support of the Government of Austria, in 2004 UNIDO introduced Chemical Leasing, a business model that marks a paradigm shift from the selling of chemical goods to the delivery of chemical services, leading to a more efficient use of chemicals.

Instead of selling chemicals in tons or liters, Chemical Leasing partners agree on a value-based unit of payment such as cleaned area in square meters or coated number of bottles. In doing so, partners commit to developing a strong cooperation based on trust, exchange of experiences, financial as well as environmental benefits.

Chemical Leasing seeks to be a win-win situation: it increases the efficient use of chemicals; it reduces the risks to human health brought about by their use; it improves the economic and environmental performance of participating companies and it therefore enhances their access to new markets.

In seeking to promote this change of paradigm, UNIDO has been promoting Chemical Leasing through its global network of Resource Efficient and Cleaner Production Centres; developing tools for the implementation of Chemical Leasing business models in small and medium-sized enterprises, adapted to specific sectors in developing countries and countries with economies in transition; and acting as an independent facilitator among the different actors to ensure that their relations are based on mutual trust and a fair share of benefits.

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