Surveys of Renewable Marine Resources

Surveys of Renewable Marine Resources in the Red Sea State, Republic of the Sudan

The main objectives of this project, with a total budget of € 1.262.250 (€ 1.053.357 Norwegian contribution and € 208.893 UNIDO contribution), are to supply new and updated information on renewable marine resources (fish and shellfish stocks) in the Republic of the Sudan’s coastal waters, to strengthen capacities of national marine fisheries institutions and to build the opportunities for the transfer of knowledge and know-how. This will form the knowledge base required for the modernization of the Sudanese artisanal marine fisheries as well as for the development of a sustainable semi-industrial fishery in the Republic of the Sudan.

To achieve these objectives three surveys of renewable marine resources will be implemented by the Marine Fisheries Administration with Technical Assistance by UNIDO and the Norwegian Institute for Marine Research. On the occasion of these three surveys counterparts from the Marine Fishery Administration, the Red Sea University as well as from the Red Sea Research Institute will be trained in the preparation and implementation of surveys as well as in the collection and analysis of data on renewable marine resources.

For a video, and more information on the project, please see this link.