Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technologies (TEST)

TEST approach

Implementation of the integrated TEST approach is based on three basic principles:

  • At the level of processes, it gives priority to the preventive approach of CP (Cleaner Production – systematic preventive actions based on pollution prevention techniques within the production process) and considers the transfer of additional technologies for pollution control (end-of-pipe) only after the feasible cleaner production solutions have been explored.
  • At the level of management systems, the integrated TEST approach addresses the managerial aspects of preventive environmental management. It establishes the necessary information system on relevant material, energy and related financial flows necessary for linking the strategic and operational level within an enterprise. This is done by using the basic elements of an EMS and EMA (Environmental Management Accounting).
  • At the strategic level, it places environmental management within the broader strategy of environmental and corporate social business responsibilities (CSR) by leading companies towards the adoption of sustainable enterprise strategies (SES).

Selected projects of the WMU:

MED TEST Project
Hot-Spot and TEST in Cambodia
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