About Med Test

The MED-TEST project has been designed to address pollution from land-based activities of priority industrial pollution hot spots identified in the Strategic Action Plan of the Mediterranean Sea.  The project will primarily address industrial hot spots of the Mediterranean basin in each of the participating countries, which are associated with persistent toxic substances (PTS), and will serve to demonstrate the introduction of an integrated approach, including the adoption of best available techniques (BAT), cleaner production technology, appropriate environmental management and accounting practices.

The project aims to build national capacity to apply the UNIDO-TEST integrated approach in order to facilitate the transfer of environmentally sound technology (EST) that will improve the environmental performance and the productivity of priority industrial installations in the southern Mediterranean region.

The effectiveness of the TEST integrated approach will be demonstrated at a number of pilot enterprises to be identified within the Mediterranean priority hotspots in Morocco, Egypt and Tunisia. The enhanced institutional capacity will then be made available through the dissemination of project results to assist other enterprises in the pilot countries, as well as in other southern Mediterranean countries.

More information on the MED TEST:

MED TEST Brochure in English
MED TEST Brochure in French

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Contact Details

Project Manager
Mr. Igor Volodin

Administrative Assistant
Ms. Hedy Rovesi

Chief Technical Advisor
Ms. Roberta De Palma