The project has a national and a regional dimension. The national dimension will be implemented by local partners which have been selected through competitive bidding. The regional dimension of the project consisting of networking, dissemination and further replication initiatives in the MED region, will be directly managed by UNIDO.

The project has three main components:

  • Capacity building, which includes the following activities: the set-up of the national coordination unit and the network of local stakeholders, training of national trainers in TEST integrated approach, the initial screening of potential demonstration sites, and the final selection of demonstration enterprises
  • Demonstration of TEST integrated approach, which includes the implementation of a cleaner production and energy efficiency assessments, the introduction of EMS and environmental management accounting basic principles; an opportunity study for cleaner technology transfer and preparation of the investments portfolio, tapping the existing national financial instruments for promotion of EST
  • Dissemination, which include actions for the preparation of national publication on the demonstration of the TEST approach in each country; the organization of national dissemination seminars in cooperation with the industrial associations; the organization of a Regional Workshop for sharing experience and knowledge among partners, the promotion of networking in the TEST practitioners community and the initiation replication of TEST experience in other countries in the Mediterranean Region.