Business, investment and technology services

The private sector is the primary driver of economic growth and job creation. Through its business, investment and technology services, UNIDO supports capacity-building initiatives, partnerships, and the sharing of knowledge and best practices to promote private sector development in manufacturing industries, with particular emphasis on improving the competitiveness of enterprises, mobilizing investments, and facilitating access to appropriate technologies.

UNIDO’s services in regards to business, investment and technology support the formulation and implementation of technical cooperation and institutional capacity-building initiatives to promote private sector development and improve the competitiveness of enterprises, mobilize investments, and facilitate access to appropriate technologies for markets in developing countries.

They also support the development of local productive capacities and responsible investments in a private sector-led process, and promotes the upgrading of industrial enterprises and technical support institutions that drive the economic growth process.

These support services are aimed at stimulating technological dynamism for the creation of skilled jobs, enhancing the developmental impact of private sector activities, and supporting the integration of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) into national and global value chains through the establishment of pro-poor and market-driven business linkages.