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The Interagency Pharmaceutical Coordination Group convened an informal sub-group meeting on the local production of essential generic medicines in Geneva on 30 Sept 2009. The initiative was taken against the background of a rising interest in the topic at various quarters, not last reflected in requests received by UN entities for technical and financial support in this area from member states, multilateral organizations and regional economic communities alike. At the same time, the donor community has shown a growing readiness to finance pertinent interventions. In essence, the meeting took the form of a preliminary stocktaking of the international debate on the pros and cons and the opportunities and limitations of supporting local pharmaceutical production as one means of improving access to drugs.

As one result of the event, UNIDO agreed to collect the publicly available information and pool reports and key studies on the ongoing debate and on existing local production activity. Please find a preliminary listing of studies below that will be regularly updated.

UNIDO Project Publications

Studies: Local Production of Essential Medicines in Developing Countries

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