Eurasian Virtual Center

Eurasian Virtual Center on Technology Foresight for Central Eastern Europe and Newly Independent States (CEE/NIS)

UNIDO is supporting the efforts of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and NIS in establishing a mid- and long-term development visions for their economies through the establishment of a network of institutions and professionals applying foresight at the national and regional levels.

At the meeting of the Managing Board in August 2011, it was proposed to launch the transition phase of the EVC. More information about the meeting is available here.

Present member countries of EVC for CEE/NIS are:

  1. Albania
  2. Armenia
  3. Azerbaijan
  4. Belarus
  5. Croatia
  6. Czech Republic
  7. Hungary
  8. Kazakhstan
  9. Poland
  10. Romania
  11. Russian Federation
  12. Slovakia
  13. Turkey
  14. Ukraine

Foresight-related organizations from other countries, including Bulgaria, Lithuania and Slovenia are informal members of the EVC. The Center is strongly connected through UNIDO to the Foresight Centers of Excellence in Austria (AIT), France, Spain (IPTS) and  the United Kingdom (MIoIR, formerly PREST) and others.

For more information see the EVC network and activities.