Technology Foresight in Latin America and the Carribean

Recognizing the importance of Technology Foresight, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in 2002 launched a Regional Programme for Latin America and the Caribbean with the objective to promote, encourage and support technology foresight initiatives in the region.

UNIDO foresight Initiative in Latin America focuses on the implementation of foresight studies. The distinctive UNIDO foresight methodology centers in two principles: a regional (multi-country) approach and the analysis of productive chains. There are several reasons that support this UNIDO approach. Different countries have already experience in analyzing productive chains resulting in valuable information and impact for the relevant sectors studied. Many productive chains are of common interest to a group of countries and this pragmatic approach attracts the enterprises, as these are key players in the industrial development, interested in strengthening innovation and technological capacities as well as reinforcing competitive advantages.

Following UNIDO foresight methodology, two projects have already been implemented, and one is currently in the implementation phase. The results of the finalized projects are taken further for the post-foresight stage dedicated to implementation of commonly agreed recommendations of the studies.

Future of Andean Products

This project aimed at identification of the priority areas of industrial development in the area of Andean high plateau and central valleys. It resulted in a number of recommendations on priority sectors with comparative advantage for the economy of the region.

Fishery Industry in South America

UNIDO in cooperation with the Government of Spain implemented a foresight study on fishery industry on the Pacific Coast of the South America.