Fishery Industry in South America

UNIDO, in cooperation with the Government of Spain, has implemented a Foresight Study on the productive chain of the fishery industry in the region of the South American Pacific coast.

Countries covered in the study are: Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.
The different phases of the study have drawn on the experience of centres of excellence on technology foresight and/or fishery industry. These centres of excellence are located in the participating countries in addition to Brazil and Spain.

The study has concentrated in the fishery industry as conceived of as an integrated production chain that involves the following sectors: natural and living resources, industrial inputs, extraction, processing, food and non-food production, human and non-human consumption and other related sectors.

Regional Conferences

Two regional conferences were organized in the course of the Study in order to: share the results of the national diagnoses, the hypothesis of the questionnaires and the state of the foresight exercises at national level; present and discuss the regional diagnosis; direct discussions on methodologies for the foresight analysis of regional productive chains; and to constitute the Regional Panel and to establish its methodology of work.