Future of Products of the Andean High Plateau and Central Valleys

Regional productive chains – the future of products of the Andean high plateau and central valleys – textiles from camelid fibers

The project proposes a multi-country Technology Foresight study that focuses on raising awareness and building consensus among the key stakeholders to conduct this reorganization in a sustainable manner. The communities in the Andean region of Argentina, Bolivia and Peru are the expected project beneficiaries. The project is financed by the government of Spain.

The aim of the project is to assist the participating communities in making decisions on future directions regarding the production of local textile products and their connection to global value chains. The purpose of the project is to identify strategic technology areas for textile products and its industrial sector in order to raise its competitive advantage and to enable the national textiles products to facilitate the access to regional and global markets.

Foresight Methods:

  • A common vision of the possible future development of the region through the improvement of the participation of local camelids fibers based textile products in its economy
  • A technology road-mapping indicating how to strengthen the related productive chain.

The main output will be a foresight study for textile products and the related productive chain. For the project’s benefit and to further improve the utilization of the existing resources, it will be linked to the UNIDO project on upgrading production and processing technologies, as well as to commercialization of vicuna and llama fibers for the textile sector.

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