The Refurbished Computer Programme

Increased access to quality affordable hardware

The challenge: affordable computer access

A key factor that determines the extent to which SMEs are able to take full advantage of ICT is affordability. The reality today is that the price of new computers puts them beyond the reach of most small businesses in developing countries.

Our approach: linking affordability to sustainability

UNIDO and Microsoft recently expanded their strategic partnership to develop a sustainable business model for refurbishment centres in developing economies to address the needs of SMEs for affordable quality hardware.

The refurbishment centres complement UNIDO’s Business Information Centre (BIC) programm by:

  • Creating an affordable supply of hardware for the BICs
  • Providing an additional income source for the centres by enabling them to sell computers to SMEs
  • Increasing the outreach of affordable quality hardware to rural areas

Microsoft provides access to its Gold Partner Refurbishment Programme which
is currently under development, to include:

  • Special pricing on software for refurbished PCs
  • Criteria on quality of partners including mandating of warranties for PCs
  • Marketing support and end-of-life return
  • Linkages to potential suppliers of secondary PCs