Development of CSR in Croatia

Development of CSR in Croatia: upgrading small and medium-sized enterprises

In 2004 UNIDO launched its first technical assistance project on CSR. In the course of this initiative UNIDO assisted the Government in the development of a conceptual framework for a Croatian CSR policy, and disseminated a practical methodology that SMEs in Croatia can use to implement CSR cost effectively and efficiently. Through a series of trainings, UNIDO build the capacity of local business support institutions and worked with selected SMEs on a pilot basis to demonstrate the benefits CSR can bring along.

This project was conceived on three programmatic pillars: two existing UNIDO programmes – the UNIDO Business Partnership Programme and the National Cleaner Production Centre Programme – and UNIDO’s conceptional work on CSR. The integration of these three pillars in the Croatia initiative lead to UNIDO’s first technical cooperation programme on CSR, supporting companies in their endeavour to apply CSR principles, and becoming more productive and competitive at the same time.


  • By disseminating good practices on CSR, and by making practical demonstrations, the Project brought the sound evidence that improved performance in the fields of productivity, environmental protection and working conditions generate financial benefits
  • Furthermore, it built the necessary CSR-related capacity in the country, so that industry support institutions can assist SMEs to make use of practical tools that enable them to cost effectively comply with CSR requirements of global supply chains
  • In addition, UNIDO facilitated the preparation of a Croatian business agenda for CSR, and more generally, the establishment of a national implementation scheme.