REAP comprises two complementing elements: 1) REAP software (analysis, measuring, benchmarking and reporting) ,and; 2) REAP consulting process (implementation).

The REAP counseling process is where value-added benefits SMEs. While the software provides the information required for planning CSR activities to be implemented, the local REAP expert will be the one able to analyze the data and turn that information into useful recommendations for action to improve CSR performance. While a REAP expert may be able to perform an initial assessment of a SME in a few days, the process of improving a company’s CSR performance may take months.

CSR issues that can be tackled through REAP
  • Environmental: environmental management (basics), water, energy, waste, and raw material management, requirements for ISO 14001
  • Social: employee satisfaction, working hours, wages, disciplinary measures, health and safety, child labour, forced and bonded labour, freedom of association, discrimination, harassment and abuse
  • Anti-corruption

The REAP assessment and reporting software is an important element of the REAP counseling process. It was developed by UNIDO as a tool to support companies in documenting their Triple Bottom Line status and improvements, as well as to generate a UN Global Compact Communication on Progress (COP) and CSR reports for other interested stakeholders, such as existing and potential business partners, NGOs, financial institutions or government offices. It allows for a CSR-related risk assessment, internally as well as along supply chains, and supports strategic performance improvements.

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