UNIDO CSR assistance

UNIDO offers a wide range of services to support Governments in promoting CSR.

CSR research

UNIDO carries out project based research studies, investigating the role of socially and environmentally responsible business practices in local industrial development as well as their uptake amongst small and medium enterprises.

Establishment of CSR platforms

This service encompasses multi-stakeholder approaches to promote cooperation and partnership building between public and private business support and advisory institutions to explore the possibilities for working together on CSR.

Promotion of ethical business principles

UNIDO focuses on the development of sector specific standards/codes for promoting corporate ethics and integrity, based on international standards. This component is built on a cooperation with business associations and chambers of commerce that count with a wide SME membership.

Capacity building

UNIDO helps to build the capacity of business support and advisory institutions, offering training to local experts, who will obtain the skills necessary to offer CSR related services to SMEs on a sustainable basis.

Pilot CSR interventions in SMEs

UNIDO offers to carry out pilot interventions in selected SMEs to facilitate the learning process of local experts by allowing them to apply their acquired skills on the ground. This service also focuses on the elaboration of case studies for dissemination and learning.

Integration of CSR in government strategies

UNIDO supports relevant public institutions in assessing general government strategies and in determining to what extend the encouragement of socially and environmentally responsible operating practices in the private sector could make a contribution to those wider public policy goals.

Integrating Ethics in the curricula of business schools

UNIDO supports governments in integrating topics related to the role of business in the community, social and environmental responsibility of enterprises and responsible competitiveness into the curricula of universities, business schools and vocational training institutions.

Establishment of CSR centres and networks

UNIDO offers governments and regions support in the establishment of networks or hubs for CSR excellence. Their primary role is to assist local companies to conduct business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner, as well as fostering the exchange of experiences and information on best practices and promoting public-private partnerships.