Selected Projects

A selection of UNIDO field projects within the Organization’s three thematic areas: Poverty Reduction through Productive Activities; Trade Capacity-Building; and Environment and Energy.

Poverty Reduction through Productive Activities

Armenia – Productive work for youth

With the financial support of the Government of Austria, and together with the Armenian counterpart institutions, the UNIDO project supports youth-led enterprise creation and expansion, thus promoting sound private sector development in Armenia.

Armenia – Transition to a better life

In support of the Government’s efforts, numerous United Nations organizations, including UNIDO, developed a project in the Kotayk and Gegharkunik regions to create a basis for sustainable development in local communities by using an integrated approach covering poverty reduction, education, health, and local environmental challenges.

Trade Capacity-Building

Serbia – Accessing international markets

In 2007, UNIDO launched a two-year business partnership and cluster development programme to strengthen the automotive cluster in Serbia, which drew on the Slovenian automobile cluster set-up.

Environment and Energy

Global – Chemical Leasing: Redefining the Sustainable Management of Chemicals

Chemical Leasing is service-orientated business model that adopts a multi-stakeholder approach to promote the sound and efficient management of chemicals throughout their life-cycle. UNIDO, with the direct support of the governments of Austria and Germany, has been pioneering Chemical Leasing in developing countries and transition economies since 2004. Download the factsheet, which takes a closer look at how Chemical Leasing brings about a win-win situation for the chemical supplier and the chemical user, as well as the environment.

Slovakia – National Cleaner Production Centre

The Centre in Slovakia is a non-profit organization and a business enterprise, enabling the Centre to work effectively in delivering value-adding services to businesses. At the same time, it acts as a public advocate for Cleaner Production and retains the experience from close collaboration and joint efforts.

Russia – Promoting resource efficient cleaner production along the entire brewery value chain

In October 2012, UNIDO entered into a partnership with the Carlsberg Group, the world’s fourth largest brewer, and its subsidiary Baltika Breweries. With the support of the Global Environment Facility, the partnership aims to reduce natural resource consumption, pollution and green house gas emissions, while also improving the agro-ecosystem and water systems in the Russian Federation.