Technology Foresight

Technology foresight is regarded as the most upstream element of the technology development process. It provides inputs for the formulation of technology policies and strategies that guide the development of the technological infrastructure. In addition, technology foresight provides support to innovation, and incentives and assistance to enterprises in the domain of technology management and technology transfer, leading to enhanced competitiveness and growth.

In response to requests by member countries, UNIDO is implementing global and regional initiative on technology foresight. The aim is to build the capability of using foresight as a practical tool in designing policies and strategies that exploit emerging and critical technologies for the benefit of developing countries and countries with economies in transition. Currently, UNIDO is carrying out regional initiatives in Asia, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the Newly Independent States (NIS).

The technology foresight initiative also provides suitable methodologies to promote sustainable and innovative development, fostering economic, environmental and social benefits at national and regional levels. Its outcomes are policies and programmes that deal with innovation, industrial growth and competitiveness.

Regional Initiatives

TF in Asia

The objectives of the TF Regional Initiative in Asia are to build awareness on Technology Foresight for designing strategies of future technological development, sharing current thinking with a regional focus and establishing the basis for cooperation between UNIDO and the South East Asian region.

TF in Europe (CEE/NIS)

The initiative aims at responding to the need for a mid- and long-term development vision of the region as well as for bringing a more technology-oriented focus into the relevant national and regional knowledge-based institutions.

TF in Latin America and the Carribean

This Programme strengthening institutional capacity through regional or multi-country foresight projects focusing on critical economic sectors.


UNIDO’s global initiative on Technology Foresight draws on regional experiences aiming at providing tools and methodologies for applying foresight for strategic decision making while establishing an open community network for knowledge sharing and dissemination of TF experiences among concerned actors of the regions.