Core ICT Programmes

Renewable Energy Business Information Centers

Energy supply is a basic requirement for sustainable development yet most of the rural populations in Kenya have no access to grid electricity.

Business Information Centres

Many developing countries lack access to relevant business information. It is often outdated, expensive, not specific to local needs and available from isolated sources.

Mobile Phone Solutions for SMEs

Mobile technology offers opportunities to SMEs by providing access to the market, broadening trade networks and reducing transaction costs.

Refurbished Computer Programme

A key factor that determines the extent to which SMEs can utilize ICT is affordability. Today’s reality is that the price of new computers is beyond the reach of most SMEs in developing countries.

Electronic Waste (e-waste)

While the environmental services industry is a multi-billion dollar outfit, it is largely absent in developing countries. This is both a threat and a missed business opportunity.

Local software Initiative

The vast majority of software and hardware industries are located in the developed world. Developing countries often lack local expertise and are unable to participate globally.

Technical Assistance to Business Registration Reform in Viet Nam

The project aims to provide policy and technical advice towards the achievement of nationwide business registration reform.

ICT Supported Programmes

Entrepreneurship Curriculum Programme

Many young people in developing countries lack access to modern education on business development and the use of ICT, thus hindering their ability to compete in the job-market.

The Africa Investment Promotion Agency Network (AfrIPANet)

Enabling the development and implementation of UNIDO’s investment related activities in sub-Saharan Africa.

Utilising Renewable Energy

Lack of reliable energy services coupled with poor communication in remote rural areas hampers both social and economic development.

Government Business Portal

Increasing the ability of SMEs to interact with the market through easy access to business information.