CSR projects

CSR and public policy

As an organization that has long supported SMEs and local institutions in the field of CSR, there is a need to provide also assistance to governments in creating a conducive environment for the uptake of socially responsible and environmentally friendly business practices.

Corruption and SME growth

This initiative aims at developing tools to support SMEs in defending themselves against both public and private sector corruption. Research was conducted to identify the differences between smaller and larger firms, as well as the specific problems SMEs face when operating in corrupt environments.

Regional projects

Reaching a critical mass requires possibilities to learn from best practice and experiences of companies with similar cultural, social and economic background. UNIDO carried out CSR interventions at a regional level in order to facilitate network and partnership building amongst different stakeholders.

Country projects

UNIDO’s country specific projects aim at building the capacity of public and private institutions in order to support the local business community in adopting CSR approaches.